Now more than ever, it’s essential banks and other financial institutions find ways to engage with their customers on a face to face basis and improve their customers experience to avoid the growing perception of mistrust, due to the recent recession and collapse of some major institutions.
Increase Customer Engagement
The In-Branch experience helps the bank to become a more important and comfortable business partner and improves your valued relationship with the customer.
The In-Branch experience is a means of getting instant feedback about our services.
The In-Branch experience adds value to the relationship with the customer.
Face to face engagement “People doing business with people”
Cross-selling additional services will increase revenue
It is a good time for staff to remind customers of new products and special services available.
It adds value to the client and opens up the potential for new income to the bank.
It is a brief process and allows for the client to walk out of the bank knowing that bank staff has checked the card and they can instantly start making transactions with their new card.
ATM’s can be used for limited market campaigns, however banking products require greater interaction with customers than commodity consumer products.