PersonalisedPIN is an 'out of the box' solution allowing for agile deployment and upkeep. Minimal support expenditure required for maintenance - Perfect for banks with both small and large branch numbers. PersonalisedPIN has been proven in multiple diverse real-world environments with excellent results. 

PersonalisedPIN comes with support from MillenTech an industry leader in the field of ID Management. With 25 years if experience and propriety knowledge of the financial sector and Identification Technology - MillenTech offers top of line support. We offer flexible Service Level Agreements (SLA) to meet operational requirements including working with any third party involvement you require.

Enterprise Service Level Agreements. Full all care package.

Optional Support Services
MillenTech also maintains high level partnerships in the industry; expanding our support capabilities. Our sister company Card Testing International gives us access to expertise in card technology. You can elect for a branch encoder program which is a synergised effort to pro-actively monitor the quality of card issuance in each branch. 

Reduced Support Costs
The effectiveness of the PersonalisedPIN system reduces costs required to support customers and maintain satisfaction. 

Customers that are issued a password are more likely to forget.
Customers that select their own PIN are less likely to forget. Reported worldwide studies have accounted for up to 50-60% of call centre calls are for issues related to Passwords and PIN ID.
This will allow the bank to reduce support costs and add value to the customer experience.

Built-in Support Capabilities:
PersonalisedPINs support capabilities provide robust internal system control and support - giving your business the oversight and control required to operate efficiently and allowing for efficient support responses.

Real-time remote helpdesk monitoring of all devices
Helpdesk staff the ability to remotely access and complete first line diagnostics in real- time from their desktop. Confirming the logged call is in fact an issue with the equipment and not a user problem, configuration changes and equipment maintenance can be completed through the DC420 web interface. 

This access improves the equipment operational up time and maintain high customer services experience.