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MillenTech Limited is a world leader in the field of ID management. For over 25 years our identity management solutions have delivered flexible integration and high security for the demands of banking and enterprise level environments. We also supply businesses with identification technology solutions & products.

AML Bank Level Protection Solutions

Self-install AML solutions for Identification, Accounts, Voucher Capture, Signature Capture, Data-entry or More.

• Bank Branch Positions • Commercial AML Compliance • Lawyers, Accountants, Real Estate


MillenTech's secure hardware & software solutions can help your business with proof of identity issues. We provide businesses with PIN and ID Management Technology. Our primary clients are banking and financial institutions, to whom we provide high level equipment, solutions and services.

PersonalisedPIN™ instant issuance is a Customer Select PIN banking solution that allows banks to PIN (instant issue) their card-holders EMV and Magnetic Stripe Cards.

MillenTech's ID Management solutions includes SignInMate™, a Visitor Registration system for the management of visitors signing in & out of workplace environments.

If you need any ID Management equipment such as: EMV Card Readers, Cheque Scanners, Instant Issuance or OEM Products view our Magtek NZ website or contact us.
• Manage your visitors and employees
• Address your health and safety requirements
Sign in with SignInMate
Visitor Registration System

Independent visitor management

No staff are required to receive visitors which saves time and money.

Easy use for first time visitors

Intuitive touch screen allows visitors to easily sign themselves in.

Visitor arrival notifications

Notifications of visitor arrivals are automatically sent to staff so they can receive their visitor. (Professional and Enterprise versions only)

Visitor Identity Badges

Use your own pre-printed badges or instantly print a visitor badge with all relevant details including barcode for quick departure.

Accurate visitor signatures

Forensic level capture of visitor’s signature as they arrive.

Reliable in emergencies

Enterprise level security and purpose built hardware ensures operation in challenging situations such as natural disasters or Internet outages.