Visitor Registration System

Register your visitors quickly with the most advanced SignInMate™ solution for your business. Check the comparison matrix to see the capabilities of each SignInMate™ version.


SignInMate -

Visitor Registration System

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SignInMate Versions

Professional & Enterprise Versions

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SignInMate™ - Visitor Registration

SignInMate™ is a visitor registration system that allows visitors to easily & securely sign into your office or workplace.

The SignInMate™ solution has two versions: Professional & Enterprise. For more information on the versions of SignInMate™, please visit the SignInMate™ Versions page.

For general SignInMate™ information, visit the SignInMate™ Overview page.

If you wish to enquire about how SignInMate™ can work for you, or need guidance, please contact-us via our Contact Page.


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SignInMate™ - Versions

SignInMate™ Visitor Registration

Register your visitors quickly with the most advanced SignInMate™ solution for your business.

Check the version features list below to see the capabilities of each SignInMate™ version.
The SignInMate™ Professional and Enterprise versions utilise a large interactive colour touch screen and are intuitive and easy to use. Upon visitor arrival an email or notification can be sent to your employee of their arrival. Enterprise also has SMS capability (optional). Notifications make it possible to use SignInMate™ in place of a receptionist in unattended reception areas.

The Professional and Enterprise versions allow user installed customised corporate logo(s) or advertisements. Customised ID labels are printed and worn by your visitors with data including their name, employee sponsor, barcode and date-time.

  • E-mail visitor notification
  • Colour touch screen
  • SignInMate™ compatible label printers
  • Quick and easy to set up and use
  • Quickly view onsite visitors
  • Visitor audit function
  • Fast evacuation report printing
  • Online and direct support available
  • Forensic signature capture at commercial levels
  • Printing & remote server availability

For a full list of SignInMate™ capabilities please view the version features list below


Guest Sign In Touch Screen Touch Screen

Enterprise Version

With the SignInMate™ Enterprise version you have all the functionality of the Professional version plus bonus features that optimise the SignInMate™ experience.

• SMS and/or E-mail visitor notification*
• Rapid barcode sign out
• Visitor group management

* SMS notifications may require additional third party arrangements
SignInMate Barcode Scanner
Barcode Scanner
SignInMate Notebook Controller
Notebook Controller
SignInMate ID Badge Printer
ID Badge Printer
Guest Sign In Touch Screen Touch Screen

Professional Version

SignInMate™ Professional comes with all the core features of SignInMate™.

• All Core SignInMate™ Features
• Upgradeable to Enterprise Version
SignInMate Barcode Scanner
Barcode Scanner
SignInMate Notebook Controller
Notebook Controller

SignInMate Version Features
Please expand the table below to learn which features are available with your SignInMate version.
Small footprint
High resolution touch screen
Personalised visitor badges (optional)
Data Management
View complete visitor history
HD signature capture (forensic level)
Filtering of history for data-mining
Selectable location for database
Export history to file for data-mining
Load pre-compiled list of employees
Password protection of history data
Email visitor notification
Customisable idle/advertisement screen
Car registration gathering (optional)
Survey question for visitor (optional)
Employee time and attendance function
Multiple entrance support
Multi company function
Management of visiting group function**X
Print listing of visitors on-site in case of emergency
Pre-printed badge functions (add, delete, edit badge number)
Customisable salutation messages (i.e. your logo)
Standard keyboard entry
Network storage database
Bar-code sign out (scanner optional)X
SMS txt visitor notification*X
*SMS notifications only available on Enterprise version and may require additional third party arrangements

SignInMate Testimonials
Click expand to see what SignInMate customers had to say.
“SignInMate was easy to install and was effective immediately, it was great to have a policy sign off and identification badges printed off automatically when visitors arrive.”
J.C.'s Quality Foods
“Fulfils Health and safety requirements, knowing who is on-site and identifying visitors with the printed visitor label.”

“SignInMate is a cost effective, easy to use solution for our organisation…”
Crown Forestry New Zealand

SignInMate Frequently Asked
Expand to see the answers to our most frequently asked questions
Is SignInMate cloud-based? Are cloud-based systems better for registration devices?
Cloud-based systems are vulnerable to disconnection or delays in major events, earthquakes, hurricanes, storms or even from simple internet supplier issues. Concerns have also been expressed about privacy and security. SignInMate is a safer and an immediately accessible system deemed most appropriate for such security needs. Cloud or proprietary off-site storage options are still available to be configured, but not required.

MillenTech have been working with sensitive security ID Management applications for over 25 years. In events as described above, e.g. earthquakes, even SMS circuits can get clogged. Consequently the SignInMate system is becoming more and more recommended by Data Security specialists for critical reporting systems.
What makes SignInMate a reliable system? Is it better than other systems?
SignInMate is easy to use and is built for business and industry service. It can be used in both reception and reception-less environments and does not rely on other systems (e.g. cloud) to operate. It provides the same look and feel when operating in stand-alone, offline mode. Sign-in hardware is of the highest enterprise business level calibre and not simple consumer retail level pads. We use the same technology MillenTech has provided for major security conscious clients such as our Government Driver’s License system.
What is required to get SignInMate to run in my place of business?
SignInMate software, our high resolution LCD touch screen and a small networked controller (supplied with system). Optional extras include: label printer and barcode scanner (Enterprise version).
Do I need a computer to run SignInMate? Where do I get one with the right specifications?
Yes, SignInMate utilises a Windows OS-based, networked administration controller which we will supply to Asia Pacific regional customers. Or it can be loaded and registered to an approved PC platform for out of region international clients.
Do I need a receptionist?
SignInMate can be used in a reception-less environment. It also has a reception mode which allows a receptionist to take control and login large groups quickly and easily.
How will SignInMate fit in my current workplace set-up?
A major feature of SignInMate is its small footprint, which enables it to be easily placed in a small or large reception area. It doesn’t require connection to core business systems. However, can also have duplicate back-up records copied to your off-site servers.
Do I need to connect to a network?
This is not necessary, however if you require immediate email or SMS notification, then yes.
Does SignInMate have SMS capabilities? Do I need SMS?
SignInMate has SMS capability which is available in the Enterprise Edition. Email is also available on the Professional version. SMS* capability can be helpful for contacting people who do not have smart-phones. 

*SMS may require third party supported gateways dependent on location.
Does SignInMate support all scanners/barcode readers?
SignInMate has a recommended commercial level barcode scanner (Enterprise version).
How will SignInMate perform in an emergency?
i) SignInMate can send emergency emails to selected email addresses.

ii) If using the regional supplied network controller can be safely and quickly carried out from the site at the time of an event or emergency. Power up in off-site safety to view of all ‘up to the second’ history files can be reviewed in safety off-site. If your set-up includes immediate history on your chosen off-site servers, these can also be review in safety off-site via computer or smartphone links.
What experience/expertise do the providers of SignInMate have?
SignInMate is developed by the MillenTech. MillenTech has been in the security business for over 25 years.
Is SignInMate customisable to my business? Can I change what information is displayed to my visitors?
SignInMate has the ability to customise greeting screens e.g. logos and images can be easily changed to fit your requirements.
What kind of information can I get from my visitors with SignInMate?
Information includes; name, company, car license number, signature, questionnaire result, date/time of arrival/departure and person visiting. The administration user can select more or less of this information set as required for your site.
Is the interface coherent, usable and intuitive? Does the device require coaching for first time users?
Yes, SignInMate is intuitive and easy to learn and use, and does not require any specialised training. Because we are also professional engineers, a comprehensive digital user manual which guides and details many set-up examples and more explicit instructions for those who require precise detailed documentation on their secure safety systems. No 2-page 3 inch square user guides for the huge multiplicity of functions you really need to know at times.
Will SignInMate require physical maintenance, software updates?
• Low maintenance required.
• Software updates are made available as necessary.
Can the system capture a visitor photo?
This is currently under development. As an experienced ID management company we believe such personal information must be encrypted when stored. Watch this space for further updates.