Instantly Issue and PIN Select Customer Debit / Credit Cards

Standalone Teller Integrated Remote PIN

PersonalisedPIN Features

Highest Security and first time PIN authentication
New Accounts - immediate EMV / PIN personalisation on Contact Chip / Contactless / Magnetic Strip
Chip Signature on Day 1 with migration path to "EMV PIN (PVV) on card or PIN-on-Host"
ID Vetting by Staff Securely - for re-issuing "Forgotten PINs"
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PersonalisedPIN -

PIN Authentication Systems

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PersonalisedPIN™ - ID Management

PersonalisedPIN is an ID management solution providing Instant Issuance and PIN Selection of customer credit/debit cards for banking and financial institutions.

PersonalisedPIN has three solution versions: Standalone, Teller Integrated and Remote PIN. Be sure to look through the options available, their properties and the benefits for your bank.

If you wish to enquire about how PersonalisedPIN can work for you, or need guidance, please contact-us via our Contact Page.

Banking / Financial Institutions

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PIN Security - Safe & Secure PINs

PersonalisedPIN is built to be easily integrated into your banking system while maintaining the highest security and compliance to the relevant security processing, hardware & software standards.

The Customer Select PIN (CSP) system uses tamper resistant equipment such as Hardware Security Modules (HSM) and encrypting PINpads, and cryptographically secure processes for key initialisation and key management. Data is encrypted prior to transmission, and the integrity of the transmitted data is verified upon receipt.

The PersonalisedPIN solution provides a secure environment for cardholders to select a PIN. Features such as trivial PIN checking will prevent cardholders from selecting insecure PINS such as 1111, 1234 or 9876.

The in-branch solution provides the opportunity to educate customers in the secure use of their cards, and highlight precautionary measure, e.g. PIN shielding at POS terminals and ATMS.
Highest Security - Safe & Secure PINs ready for the field.

The challenge in using ATMs for PIN change

  • A major concern is the lack of security in a public environment. Customers may have difficulties completing the PIN change process because of the lack of familiarity with the process. In a worst case scenario, they might ask assistance from a waiting queue. Unscrupulous shoulder surfers could observe the entry of the new PIN.
  • With unattended devices, i.e. an ATM,it could be more difficult to communicate to customers why insecure PINs, e.g. sequential numbers such as 1234, are being rejected.
  • ATMs cannot instantly re-issue a lost or stolen card.
  • ATMs cannot change forgotten PIN, or correct invalid cards.

The risks and the inconvenience of mailing cards

  • Avoid theft and all risks associated with sending a card through the postal system with MillenTech’s PersonalisedPIN system. PersonalisedPIN reduces the risk of replacement by offering an in-branch solution by directly handing the card to the customer.