MillenTech Limited is a world leader in the field of ID management. For over 25 years our identity management solutions have delivered flexible integration and high security for the demands of banking and enterprise level environments. We also supply businesses with identification technology solutions & products.

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MillenTech Ltd. hardware and software ID Management solutions for PIN Selection and ID Authentication, Visitor Registration. Bank solution specialist for over 25 years.

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MillenTech CTI Group
The MillenTech CTI Group was formed with the founding of Card Testing International by the directors of MillenTech with both companies operating as separate entities. For over 25 years our group has been supplying both secure PIN Solutions and advanced ISO 17025 Certified Laboratory physical Card Testing throughout Asia-Pacific, Europe and North America.

Card Testing International Ltd. (CTI) is a close sister company/partner founded by the common directors (for over 20 years). A synergistic partner, CTI is the pure science arm of the MT CTI group as an independent ISO 17025 card testing laboratory.

Specialists in card quality assurance testing and bank card scheme (VISA, MasterCard etc.) accredited compliance testing. CTI vends no products and are fundamentally “Technical QA/QC Auditors” working on behalf of its clients in partnership.

It is renowned as the Specialist Electro-Physical card testing Lab with the most ISO accredited tests in the world. It heavily relies on its excellent reputation of high testing accuracy of prescribed of ISO, ANSI, etc. test methods. It also supports the Financial, transport, and government market sectors.

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MillenTech was originally MagTek NZ and continues to supply MagTek Magnetic stripe and EMV Smart Card technology solutions. MagTek incorporated of the United States pioneered many of the magnetic reading and writing techniques used today.

The MagTek NZ team within MillenTech is factory trained and authorised, and supplies and supports technology solutions to many NZ enterprises, including all major NZ Banks and Financial Institutions. The company works closely with NZ Government Departments and many NZ electronics engineering manufacturers.

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